The Arizona Cardinals have the third overall pick in the draft. They could make a player selection and they also could trade the pick. As they try to retool their roster, adding additional picks could hasten their improvement long-term.

BetMGM has betting odds on who the third pick of the draft will be (as of time of publication).

Check them out below.

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Anderson is the favorite, suggesting that the most likely outcome is that the Cardinals keep the pick and select Anderson. The implied odds for this outcome are 52.36% or 10/11 fractional odds.

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The next likely outcome is the Cardinals trade out of the pick and someone else selects Richardson.

The implied odds of this outcome are 33.33% or 2/1 fractional odds.

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In this scenario, it is a trade by the Cardinals. Levis is the less likely quarterback selection here.

There are 15.38% implied odds or 11/2 fractional odds.

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Based on the betting odds, it is more likely that the Cardinals draft Anderson or trade the pick so a different team can select Richardson or Levis than the Cardinals stay put and draft Wilson.

The implied odds of this happening are 6.67% or 14/1 fractional odds.

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Less likely is that Stroud, who is the favorite to be the No. 1 pick in the draft, falls all the way to No. 3 and the Cardinals trade the pick to a team seeking to draft him.

At +1600, implied odds are 5.88% with 16/1 fractional odds.

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Carter is the third-least likely player the Cardinals select with the third overall pick. There is a small chance that the Cardinals could trade out of this pick, perhaps with the Seahawks, so that team can take Carter.

At +2000, there are 4.76% implied odds of this outcome or 20/1 fractional odds.

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Young is as likely to be the third pick as Carter. He would have to fall out of the top two and then the Cardinals trade the selection to a quarterback-needy team.

At +2000, there are 4.76% implied odds of this outcome or 20/1 fractional odds.