Saturday, June 15, 2024

One Day in Europe – Where to Watch and Stream Online –

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Four cities, four cases of theft, four installments of a Champions’ League game and football fever everywhere…These interwoven episodes take place in Moscow, where Galatasaray Istanbul and Deportivo La Coruna meet for the Champions’ League final. Kate, an English art dealer, is mugged after a taxi ride but has difficulty reporting the crime to the police because they have their hands full with a bunch of football hooligans. At this point, Deportivo is leading one-nil. Meanwhile, in a notorious part of Istanbul, a German student named Rokko pretends to be mugged so he can claim the insurance money, not realizing the likes of a committed taxi driver named Celal. Back in Moscow, the Turkish team scores an equalizing goal and all Istanbul goes wild. In Santiago de Compostela, Hungarian history teacher Gabor is relieved of his digital camera. Village policeman Barreira would be only too happy to help him but only after his siesta. The population here is anything but jubilant when the Turkish team score the equalizer in Moscow. Meanwhile, in Berlin, street performers pretend to have been mugged in order to improve their flagging finances. Their search for a suitable place to perform takes them to Kreuzberg with a high percentage of Anatolian residents. Here, football fever is understandably riding high. And the game is about to be decided by penalty kicks…

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