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Mekorot head announces establishment of International Water Forum

Mekorot’s CEO Amit Lang announced Wednesday the establishment of the International Water Forum, which will convene once a year and focus on the global effort to solve the global water shortage, which has affected numerous countries. “The sharing of the information we have, and the use of Israeli innovation and water sector start-ups can lead us to a safer future in the current reality of global warming and climate crisis,” said Lang.

Lang made his remarks at the UN World Water Conference held in New York. Mekorot plans to offer its accumulated knowledge about the water sector and its management to various countries while sharing advanced ideas and models for managing shortages in a desert environment or areas lacking advanced water transmission infrastructures. As part of the conference, Mekorot and the high-tech companies in the water sector, including IXDen, Kando, Olive Diagnostics, R2, Rapida, Terrra, Watersight and Watergen, presented how Israeli innovation enables a reliable response to the climate crisis.

The Sustainability and Water Conference is being held at the UN plenum from March 22-24 and deals with five main core areas: water and health, sustainable development, climate, resilience and the environment, local and international cooperation and the transformation of theory into practice. 

Mekorot CEO Amit Lang (Credit: Mekorot)

Mekorot views the conference as an opportunity to show the world how Israel turned a crisis into an opportunity, while creating a reality in which a semi-desert country manages to supply unlimited amounts of water to both the private sector and neighboring countries, even in a reality of global warming. 

Mekorot’s delegation was led by the company’s CEO, Amit Lang, in collaboration with Israeli Ambassador to the UN Gilad Erdan and Ms. Anat Katz, who serves as head of the economic delegation at the consulate in New York. Also participating in the event were senior government officials from New Jersey and New York, as well as representatives of the World Bank.