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March 2023 Horoscope: What To Expect, From The AstroTwins

On March 2, the “great benefics” Venus and Jupiter will make an exact union in the sky (visible under clear conditions), showering us with good fortune as they meet in Aries.

Then, on the 30th, Venus will connect with unconventional Uranus in its home sign of Taurus, which could bring an exciting album drop or artistic moment, and a great day to be spontaneous in love.

Speaking of Aries, the March 20 spring equinox sets off the Season of the Ram, which is immediately followed by the first of a rare duo of Aries new moons, on March 21 and April 20. The second of these will be an eclipse, and some astrologers believe you can feel an eclipse’s impact up to a month prior. With supersizer Jupiter in Aries until May 16, a robust four weeks are in store.

Then on March 25, energizer Mars finally concludes an extended seven-month visit to Gemini that started back on August 20, 2022. We hosted the action planet in the communication sign five times longer than its usual stay—once again, a lingering energy pattern that probably started to become habitual. If you’ve been talking, thinking, bickering, and brainstorming at warp speed, get ready for a much-needed mental break.

Mars will move into Cancer from March 25 to May 20, where it’s said to be in “fall” (a weakened state since the “yang” energy of Mars isn’t that comfortable in the “yin” waters of Cancer). For the next couple of months, our emotions, homes, and personal lives can be a source of both friction and fuel. This March 30, Mars will high-five Saturn when the two form a supportive trine. This could be a great moment to put a solid plan behind one of your most exciting ideas.

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