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‘Maldives of Europe’ where flights from UK cost less than a Domino’s pizza

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If you’re hoping to catch some rays this year in a different country, one avid traveller recommended a little-known place where pints are £1.10 and flights are cheaper than a takeaway

Ksamil has been dubbed the Maldives of Europe (Stock Image)(Getty Images)

We all dream of a glorious summer holiday, but with prices seeming to go up every year, it’s getting harder to save for a European trip.

But what if there was a holiday destination, dubbed the “Maldives of Europe”, which you could fly to for “less than the price of a Domino’s pizza?” Sounds good, right? Well, that’s exactly what @kieranbrowntravel decided to do – and the destination he visited looks picture-perfect.

Kieran said pints can cost as little as £1.10, while hotels could be found for just £20 – and he said that it was “paradise” there.

Kieran said: “Why go on an expensive summer Europe trip to Greece, Italy, or Croatia when you can go to this underrated unknown gem?” The stunning location he was talking about is Ksamil, in Albania.

He then explained the average temperature between the months of May to September is 28 degrees, “meaning it’s the perfect summer destination.”

“Make the most of this destination before it gets too popular and the price increases”, he urged. He said there were beach clubs, the nightlife was great, and the sunsets were impressive too. Kieran said they were some of the most beautiful he’d seen.

“After visiting 100 countries, this is definitely up there in my favourites”, Kieran admitted. He said you can either “fly into the capital and transfer to the south”, or “fly to Corfu in Greece and get a short boat over”.

In the comments, someone wrote: “Just looked. One week all inclusive £1,600pp where you getting your info lad?” Kieran responded: “Why would you book an all-inclusive when the beer costs £1 and the hotels are £20. Book it separately without all-inclusive.”

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