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Lucky birthstone for April born according to Chinese zodiac

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Birthstones are the ultimate good luck charms, warding off negative energies and ushering prosperity, wealth, and happiness into your life. The centuries-old tradition of wearing birthstones has trickled down in today’s time and continues to fascinate people across the globe. In the Chinese zodiac, each month is associated with a lucky birthstone. So, as we welcome the month of April, let’s find out which stones or crystals work best for people born during this month.

The two lucky birthstones for April-born folks are turquoise and amethyst. Those born on or before April 5 should wear turquoise to attain contentment and attract positivity. On the other hand, people whose birthdays fall after April 5, are advised to wear amethyst for luck and protection. To know more about the benefits of these birthstones, read on!

April birthstones: History and significance


Turquoise is one of the most ancient gems in the world, believed to bring good health and fortune and protection from evil. The gem’s name comes from the French expression ‘pierre tourques’, which means Turkish stone. The name suggests that the stone first arrived in Europe via Turkish sources.

Ancient Egyptians used it as jewellery thousands of years ago, burying fine turquoise pieces with mummies. It was also a ceremonial gem for the Native American tribes in the southwestern US, who used it in ornaments and amulets. Lastly, the Apaches believed that turquoise should be attached to a hunter’s bow or firearm to increase their accuracy during their ventures.

Turquoise’s calming effect makes it ideal for helping in meditation or when feeling overwhelmed. The magnificent sea-green stone confers wisdom, tranquillity and protection upon its wearer.

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Amethyst‘s power and beauty make it one of the most valuable gemstones. Found as early as 2000 BC, the stone has been a part of the royal collections of many dynasties from Egypt to Great Britain.

Romans and ancient Greeks believed the stone helped keep its wearer clear-headed and quick-witted. On the other hand, English royals during the Middle Ages used it to flaunt their riches. In addition, it was a common belief that the stone heightened feelings of chastity and sobriety and aided the wearer in controlling their thoughts and unbridled passion.

Amethyst can raise your spirits and also increase confidence and self-assurance. Like its rich violet colour, amethyst brings abundance and gives you a positive outlook on life while sharpening your mental powers.

In today’s time, many people flaunt it as an accessory simply because of its stunning purple shade, which goes great with any colour and magnifies the wearer’s beauty.

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Benefits of March birthstones


Protection from negative energies: Turquoise acts as a protective shield for the wearer. It brings peace and tranquility into life, safeguarding from evil spirits and negative premonitions. It’s also called the stone of harmony and compassion, ridding the wearer of anxiety and stress.

Health benefits: The stone is believed to overcome problems like alcoholism, depression, high blood pressure as well as viral infections. Additionally, its anti-inflammatory and purifying properties ease cramps and pain as well as calm a sore throat.

Enhances relationships: The stone promotes deep understanding between partners. It attracts romantic love and acts as a symbol of companionship.

Career progression: Turquoise promotes professional growth by enhancing the wearer’s thinking capacity and decision-making ability. People working in the education sector including academics, researchers, and teachers can reap great benefits by wearing the stone.

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Physical healing properties: According has been known to improve the skin’s appearance, enhance immunity, improve endocrine function, reduce headache, and also tackle hormonal imbalances.

Balances emotions: When the mind is free of cloudy thoughts, it creates space for imagination and creativity to boom. With its calming energies, amethyst controls anxiety and fear. It is the perfect stone for anyone going through overwhelming emotions of grief, loss, and sadness.

Enhances decision-making: For people struggling to overcome dilemmas or take important decisions, the stone provides an inner sight, knowledge as well as wisdom that’s needed to pick a path.

Improves concentration: The soothing energy of amethyst helps the wearer tune into things in a new, effective way by increasing concentration. It is also an excellent crystal to keep under the pillow to tackle insomnia.

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Types of April birthstones


There are over 30 types of turquoise stones, each named after the respective mines they come from. Here are the top 5 types of turquoise stone you should be familiar with.

  • Lander Blue spider turquoise: Mined in Northern Nevada near the Lander Blue Mine, this stone has a fascinating spiderweb pattern. This stone has a gel or a semi-translucent glass finish. Owing to its limited quantity and unique characteristics, Lander Blue Spider is the most expensive turquoise stone in the world.
  • Morenci turquoise: This stone comes from a mine in Western Arizona. Its colour ranges from light to bright blue and is perfect if you’re looking to accentuate your attire with a glamorous accessory.
  • Golden hill turquoise: This rare stone is found in Kazakhstan’s Altyn Tyube mine. The light blue gem forms a matrix with a reddish, burnt-umber colour and looks very vibrant. It’s considered the most chemically pure turquoise in the world.
  • Kingman turquoise: The deep blue stone comes from one of the highest and oldest turquoise mines, which is located in Mohave County in Western Arizona. American Indians have used it for the last 1800 years.
  • Campitos turquoise: This type of turquoise is mined in the Campitos mine in Sonora, Mexico. Its colour ranges from light to medium blue and has a glittery texture, making it perfect for decor purposes.


These are the six main types of amethyst stones.

  • Purple amethyst: The traditional stone comes in a deep purple hue. It’s a pure, high-quality type of amethyst used in jewellery.
  • Cape amethyst: This type of stone is an amalgamation of amethyst and white milky quartz. It’s one of the rarest occurring gemstones.
  • Pink amethyst: Found in lilac, pink as well as peachy hues, this stone was first discovered in Argentina. Pink amethyst has an extremely attractive shade.
  • Mossy amethyst: These stones have a vein-like structure and come in reddish hues.
  • Ametrine: A mixture of both amethyst and citrine, ametrine has a yellow and purple tint.
  • Prasiolite: This amethyst type has a yellow-green appearance with slight purple tints throughout. You’ll find these in green amethyst jewellery pieces.

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