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Lt. Gen. Kenneth Pedersen, Inducted into the Army War College’s International Hall of Fame

In a ceremony held on October 26, 2023, inside the new Bliss Auditorium at the Army War College in Carlisle Barracks, Lt. Gen. Kenneth Pedersen, the Chief of Defense Staff for Denmark, was inducted into the International Hall of Fame. Pedersen, a 2015 graduate, becomes the 82nd member of the Army War College’s IHOF.

After graduating from the War College, Pedersen assumed the role of Commandant of the Royal Danish Military Academy, shaping the future leaders of the Danish armed forces. Subsequently, he served as Chief of the Army Command for seven months, gaining invaluable experience in high-level military command. In November 2019, he took on the position he currently holds as the Chief of Defense Staff for Denmark.

Reflecting on his time at the Army War College, Pedersen expressed his appreciation for the education he received during the 2015 graduating class. He acknowledged that while he recognized the relevance of the curriculum to his future career, he didn’t fully grasp its significance at the time. However, it was later, when he found himself facing complex strategic challenges with the potential to impact his country profoundly, that the true importance of the education he received at the War College became evident.

Pedersen shared his insights with the audience, emphasizing the importance of contextualizing the knowledge gained at the War College to real-world situations. He stressed that this approach is crucial for military leaders to prepare for the complexities of strategic command. According to Pedersen, there is no better preparation for this level of responsibility than the education provided by the U.S. Army War College.

He underlined the importance of intellectual soundness and unbiased military analysis combined with critical thinking. These principles should guide military leaders in providing valuable guidance to their nations. The fundamentals taught at the Army War College offer a roadmap to the future, helping leaders understand that while the character of war may evolve, its fundamental nature remains constant. War is inherently violent and filled with friction, but it is also a rational act.

Pedersen emphasized the need for military leaders to embrace new technologies and harness them to bring clarity, simplicity, and speed to the battlefield. This adaptability and understanding of technology’s role in modern warfare are crucial for achieving success in an ever-changing global security landscape.

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