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Key Traits Of A Pisces Moon + What It Means For Compatibility

For Pisces moons, when we’re talking about sensitivity, we don’t just mean they get their feelings hurt easily (though they do, BTW). Pisces moons are sensitive to everything—other people, their environment, their own feelings and bodily sensations—and they receive and experience knowledge through their body, with a deep understanding that everything is connected.

As Pennington tells mindbodygreen, they’re extremely empathic and are known to get strong gut feelings that guide them in particular directions. “They have a way of interacting or interfacing with the world, and with their emotions and their body, in a way that probably feels primary to them,” she explains, adding that their intuition is so ingrained, they may not even realize it’s their intuition talking.

However, Pennington notes, this can make them vulnerable to things like indecision or being flaky, because they will always be moved by the emotional weather within and around them to figure out their next course of action.

“There’s a sense of being ungrounded or wishy-washy, kind of going back and forth or going in circles—especially if they have other placements that make them not comfortable with being so Piscean,” she explains.

And again, this is a super-psychic placement to have. While this makes them extremely compassionate, they have to be wary of other people taking advantage of their kindness. After all, Pisces is the only water sign that doesn’t have armor (unlike Scorpio’s scorpion and Cancer’s crab), which Pennington notes makes them a bit vulnerable.

As such, Pennington tells mindbodygreen, Pisces moons benefit from not being so sensitive or compassionate that they lose their footing, become ungrounded, and/or don’t protect themselves.

Ultimately, Pisces moons are a whimsical and idealistic bunch. Even if they’re less inclined to spiritual pursuits, they bring a heart-centered, intuitive, and artistic flair to everything they do, from their jobs to their relationships.

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