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Island Child Style celebrates fifth anniversary with stunning runway showcase

It was the first weekend of December, when one by one, audience members rolled out in sophisticated fashion and found their seats on the roof of AC Hotel in anticipation of the long-awaited event of the season. Groundbreaking in a refreshing approach to runway fashion, Island Child Style celebrated its fifth anniversary with a stunning showcase most deserving of a standing ovation.

With a mantra like, ‘Where dreams take flight on the runway’, parents, family members, friends and active members of the fashion fraternity were in for an enchanting treat when over 100 young prodigies rocked jaw-dropping looks presented by 21 local and international designers.

Event conceptualiser and executive director, Michelle Gordon, explained that her team, which consists of Norma Williams and Brandon Ferguson, is beaming with pride and continues to be grateful for the opportunity to hone and highlight innovative talent to the world.

“As we reflect on five years of Island Child Style, we are proud of the community we’ve built, the friendships formed, and the confidence instilled in almost 500 children who have walked our runway. Together with our team, parents, sponsors, volunteers, partners and supporters, we share the collective belief that the most beautiful child is a confident child,” Gordon told Sunday Lifestyle.

For the fifth staging, the mission, she revealed, was to infuse an extra layer of meaning to compassion, for fashion isn’t merely just about fabric, it’s about stitching in a platform of confidence, empowerment and making positive changes.

“One significant aspect of this year’s showcase was our commitment to social outreach. We expanded a component of the programme to include girls from the Homestead Place of Safety, providing them with an opportunity to experience the transformative power of self-expression and confidence that the runway offers,” she shared.

The premier child show of the Caribbean started out with a tribute to Jamaica. From there, we jetted off to leisure land with fly fashion from Caribbean Airlines. Tiny Handz and Feet presented a homage to the careers, ranging from the police, judge, doctor, banker, pilot and the flight attendant to the painter, makeup artist and prima ballerina, just to name a few.

Le Marie, the 12-year-old designer who strutted out in her very own creation, wowed the audience with joyful patterns, festive tops and enchanting silhouette hugging dresses, with complementing bows and high splits.

Then, it was off to Madison Victoria Co. It was bright with pastel frills, thrills and adorable bows in dresses and sets for the mother-daughter designing duo, Rochele Spence and Madison, who had the crowd in a roaring applause when they walked the runway together.

Richelle Crochet Jamaica gave the attentive audience pockets of creative textile in tops and as statement pieces on shirts. The Rocobyo took us to the high seas with its impressive styling montage to the 876. And, we landed in the beautiful fields of butterflies and tutu fairies with Zuri Izabelle.

The couture journey continued with Callaloo X T&T, which exhibited elevated tropical looks in its magnificent sunset collection. EndleszDezigns gave endless contemporary cuts, making signature statements in pleats, puff sleeves and a layered mermaid tulle skirt as the showstopper.

Pesche, pronounced ‘peskay’, hit the runway telling a story of a-symmetry in its design. Mellarmario stepped out of the box, bringing fashions of feather among solids and prints. Lee-Ann Designz was truly superb with showcasing sequins and rich hues of red, gold, blue and angelic-white. Embracing its name, Simply Majestic gave new magical meaning to the glitz and glam wear.

Kadian Nicely carried an extensive collection, with queens reigning in tulle taste of opulence. Speaking of royalty, Kings Kreation paraded in a distinct and exquisite fanfare. True Pet Food’s line entitled We Name True combined children and man’s best friend (dogs) on the main stage.

The runway magic progressed with Clee Designz giving the best of style world with polka dots, denim, sequin and tulle in a myriad of colours. S.A.M.J.S brought its audience back to Africa with bold patterns and prints. Tribe Nine Studios stayed true to his unique form, serving timelessly cool patchwork and patterns that are much to desired. And, Trendzy by Ackeilia was just peachy in presentation.

For the final curtain, international designer Sammy B served eclectic, vibrant and bold notes in a symphony of style.

The hope for Island Child Style is to not only stand out as a beacon of style and creativity but to continue to be a game-changer in impacting the lives of the nation’s children.

“When a child believes in him or herself, something truly magical happens. They become less susceptible to the negative outside influences that often threaten to undermine their potential. They become unshakable. Island Child Style aspires to be a catalyst in instilling this unshakeable belief in our children. We want to empower them not just to walk confidently down a runway but to stride boldly through life, armed with the knowledge that they are capable of achieving greatness. Our hope for Island Child Style is to see the impact of this programme extend beyond the runway and be a force that transcends fashion trends, leaving an enduring legacy of confidence, self-belief, and inspiration in the hearts of the children we encounter,” Gordon said.

She added, “We want every child, regardless of their background, to be able to walk through life with their head held high, knowing that they are capable of achieving anything they set their minds to. Island Child Style is not just a fashion showcase; it’s a movement towards a brighter, more empowered future for our children and our country.”