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Indonesian suburban operator orders CRRC EMUs

INDONESIA: Suburban operator PT Kereta Commuter Indonesia has signed a Rp783bn contract with CRRC for the supply of three 12-car electric-multiple units, the manufacturer announced on February 5.

The trainsets would replace the some of the oldest EMUs used on the 1 067 mm gauge commuter network around Jakarta. CRRC says this is its first Indonesian commuter EMU order.

Each trainset is to have a maximum operating speed of 120 km/h and a capacity of 3 396 passengers. They are expected to be delivered next year.

Negotiations have also been held with other manufacturers including the Japanese supplier J-TREC and South Korea’s Woojin Industrial Systems and Dawonsys. KCI secretary Anne Purba said that CRRC presented the most affordable price for the order.

National railway PT KAI’s commuter subsidiary runs an electrified network approximately 115 km long linking central Jakarta with its hinterland. Most of the EMUs currently in traffic were acquired secondhand from Japan; local supplier PT Inka has long-term agreements to overhaul and refurbish them pending future decisions on the acquisition of more rolling stock.