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Holiday travel has begun as Philadelphia International Airport sees high volume of passengers

One of the busiest travel weeks has arrived. Millions will hit the roads, or take to the skies, to head over the river and through the woods.

Sunday night, Philadelphia International Airport was bustling with holiday travelers arriving to Philly to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday.

“I grew up outside of Philly in Cherry Hill. I have an aunt who is 101 years old. We try to see her at least once a year. We are here to see her and then we are going to go up to New York and visit with some family for the holiday,” says Michael Bass, who is traveling from California.

“I’m coming to see my wonderful friend, my childhood friend, that I’ve known for over 50 years and we are going to spend the holiday together,” says Mary Ann Bagley, who is also coming from California.

AAA is predicting 55.4 million travelers will head 50 miles or more from home for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Also in the mix of travelers, those just heading back home to Philly in time to celebrate turkey day.

Dominick Albanese was coming back from watching the Formula 1 in Las Vegas.

“It was great, it was a good time, everybody had a good time. The race was awesome. Vegas was awesome. It was my first time there and it was really good,” says Albanese.

What’s also going to be really good is spending the holiday with family and getting his hands on some great Thanksgiving food.

“My wife makes a pineapple bread and it’s cooked in a tray, it’s just really good,” says Albanese.


Which for many traveling either to or from Philly for the holiday, they say it’s all about spending time with family and friends, and, of course, the food.

“Oh my lord, the collard greens, the cornbread, the jollof rice, little bit of fried rice, chicken, cabbage. I think it’s all in one so, I just have everything on my plate,” says one of the travelers FOX 29 spoke with.

Due to the high volume of expected travelers, experts suggest travelers arrive at the airport early to prevent missing flights.