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For political guidance, Romanians look to the stars

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Murky Pisces

Romania’s astrologers are particularly busy in times of political turmoil and uncertainty — which, lately, has been constantly.

Liviu Dragnea, leader of the Social Democrat Party (PSD) Daniel Mihailescu/AFP via Getty Images

At the end of April, less than a month ahead of the European election, when the country was in the grips of a particularly thorny political scandal involving the ruling party, Demetrescu was called on to make another appearance on Realitatea TV.

“It is a slippery day because we are closing in on the sign of Pisces,” Demetrescu told the presenter of the evening show. The topic at hand was the future of Liviu Dragnea, the top politician in the governing Social Democrats, who was facing legal problems. “The Pisces is a tenebrous sign,” Demetrescu said.

And it wasn’t just the symbolic fish that were slippery and shady, she clarified. Demetrescu said that Dragnea had “done more for himself than for the country.” She predicted that his court date of May 20 would be “unlucky,” and “a dark day for him.”

She avoided giving a straight answer to the presenter’s persistent questions about whether Dragnea would become Romania’s president in the November election, warning only that “Jupiter means change.”

With her countenance as grave as a doctor diagnosing a serious illness, she concluded: “Dragnea is falling.”

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