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City Life Org – Kendall Jenner & Alton Mason as The New Faces of Messika’s New Brand Campaign

2023 Messika Brand Campaign – BTS Kendall Jenner © Marin Laborne

MAGNETIC TENSION IN THE MIDDLE OF THE AMERICAN DESERT – Vintage cars and bright Pontiacs create the perfect setting for Valérie Messika’s 2023 campaign, inspired by the world of the American cinema, where the iconic Kendall Jenner and the famous dancer and actor Alton Mason play leading roles.

Stacking contemporary jewelry, mixing both color and designs, the Artistic Director has created a spectacular shoot with multiple sources of inspiration and an exploration of color.

Kendall Jenner’s powerful gaze and pose continues her collaboration with Messika with a multi-faceted shoot; a campaign which acts as a tribute to the young model’s passion for iconic American cars.

“This new collaboration is deemed as a natural extension with Messika. I love old american cars, so it was wonderful to be able to soak up that vintage and mythic aura that was emitted. Iconic jewelry, unique cars in a spectacular american setting, what could be more inspiring!” Kendall Jenner

A resolutely modern shoot that invites uninhibited styling, powerfully embodied by American dancer Alton Mason, who is writing a new page in his history book with the House of Messika.

“Messika breathes a new, cool and modern breath into the world of jewelry. Our collaboration during last september’s show was built on sincerity. An essential mutual complicity, which is revealed in this unique and very free campaign…” Alton Mason

The desert – arid, mineral and raw – contrasts perfectly with the brilliance of latex, gold and diamonds. The Pontiacs bring a retro touch with their glossy colors and leather and velvet interior. A play of contrasting materials creates an offbeat and relaxed setting where the wild world of the American desert serves as a backdrop for the Messika collections.

A shoot masterfully led by international fashion photographer Chris Colls, in the Palm Springs desert. An inspired duo, Valérie Messika and the photographer imagined a multi-faceted trilogy where Kendall Jenner and Alton Mason make diamonds come to life. A brilliant staging for an ode to American cinema in three chromatic acts: Red, Blue and Violet.



Source: MESSIKA; PRNewswire