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Bobcat upgrades wheel loader range

Bobcat is to upgrade 2024 models of its L85 and L75 compact wheel loaders to include the latest features from its L95 range.

Launched in 2021 and 2022 respectively, the L85 and L75 were among the first compact wheel loaders from the company, followed by the L95 which it launched in September last year.

All newly manufactured models will include a range of features both as factory options and standard configurations.

Bobcat’s Joystick Control is now available in both models as a standard configuration, and has been upgraded to improve forward-reverse response time, lift and tilt multi-functionality.

Existing machines can also be upgraded with this software.

Also available as a standard configuration in the L85 and as a factory option for the L75 is the Advanced Attachment Control system, which now includes a flex-drive feature to change the engine’s RPM by manual throttle.

Auto-idle functionality when the machine is not in use for four seconds to reduce fuel consumption is also included. 

One of the newest additions is the Power Bob-Tach, a Bobcat attachment connection for multiple Bob-Tach compliant attachments. This is available as a factory option for the L85.

Bobcat said the connection is designed for applications in which maximum capacity for load and carry by bucket and pallet fork is not as important as connectivity to multiple Bob-Tach compliant attachments.

Both the L85 and L75 can now also include Bobcat’s Heated Air Suspension Cloth Seat, which comes with a higher back and head rest, air suspension set-up, lockable floating, left-hand adjustable arm rest, heated surface and sensor to indicate operator presence.

Meanwhile, an improved version of its Automatic Ride Control system with an automatically activated loader boom suspension for operator comfort and updated display logic is available as a factory option for both models.

Elsewhere, Bobcat has improved its high flow for loaders which brings a 100 l/min flow to run high-flow attachments. To improve high flow attachment performance, the company has increased the pressure from 200 to 225 bar. This is a factory option for both models. 

A left-hand arm rest upgrade for improved comfort of the suspension seat can also be ordered as an aftermarket service, the company said.