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Best Tennis Bets Today: ATP Miami Betting Picks For March 27, 2023

Tennis betting is one of the best types of sports betting, as it is available for most of the year. From January through November, there are meaningful matches that feature some elite level players, making this a sport that rewards persistent bettors. Here, we look at the best tennis bets today in the tournaments that are going on around the world.

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When placing tennis bets today, bettors will want to use the new player offer at DraftKings Sportsbook. There, new customers can place their first wager on one of our tennis betting tips listed below for just $5. If their bet on that tennis match is a winner, DraftKings will pay out the winnings, plus an additional $150 in bonus bets.

Tennis Best Bets For March 27, 2023

ATP Miami Best Bet #1: Frances Tiafoe -1.5 sets (-110) over Lorenzo Sonego

Frances Tiafoe had a great run in Indian Wells last tournament, and is likely to have the same this week in Miami. Lorenzo Sonego has won a couple of matches in a row in his own right, but against inconsistent competition in Dominic Thiem and Dan Evans. We like Tiafoe to get the job done in straight sets on home soil here, using his big first serve to generate some free points against Sonego.

ATP Miami Best Bet #2: Christopher Eubanks (-105) over Gregoire Barrere

Christopher Eubanks is competing on home soil here, but faces a player in Gregoire Barrere who scored an impressive win over Cam Norrie in his last outing. We have concerns about Barrere’s ability to avoid a letdown here, especially against a player who beat him in their only previous matchup. We will take a flyer on Eubanks here in front of a supportive American crowd.

Free Tennis Betting Tips All Season Long

Throughout the tennis season, we will offer tennis predictions above on the tennis matches scheduled at each week’s tournaments. Our team of expert tennis betting experts looks at each tennis match individually to find the best value for each day. As a result, you can rest assured that our tennis picks are packed with value, to give bettors the best chance to win each tennis bet.

Where to Bet On Our Free Tennis Predictions

There are several sportsbooks worth using when betting on our tennis betting tips. In addition to the site we have highlighted above for our best tennis betting promotion, we also think highly of the sportsbooks listed below. Each of those sites has their own promotion that can be used to get some extra value out of your tennis bets.

Types of Tennis Betting Tips

Our tennis predictions cover a few specific betting markets more often than not. These are the most common markets to bet on for each tennis match. Here, we will explain each of those markets, so bettors know what they are wagering on when they wager on our tennis picks on a daily basis.


The most common type of our tennis predictions is the moneyline bet. With the moneyline bet, the goal is simply to wager on each match result, predicting which player will come out on top in each match. In this market, it does not matter if a bettor predicts the correct score of a match, so long as they accurately predict who wins the match.

Moneyline picks can cover everything from picking a player to win a full match, or picking a set winner from just one set, or even the game winner for one specific service game.


Spread bets are another popular way to bet on tennis, just like the spread market is popular when enjoying sports betting in other sports. The spread works a little differently in tennis than it does in other sports, as the favorite does not need to win the match to cover the spread.

With spread betting predictions in tennis, the goal is to pick the player with the highest number of service games or sets won after the spread is applied. Favorites will have service games or sets taken from their total after the match, while underdogs will have that spread amount added to their total.


Another popular form of tennis predictions that we cover here is the over/under market. Tennis totals require bettors to make predictions on how many sets or service games there will be in a tennis match. Bookmakers will set a game and set total for all matches, and bettors can wager on whether they think the total for each match will be higher or lower than that amount.

Tennis Tournaments We Give Tennis Betting Advice For

With the tennis season spanning nearly the entire year, there are several levels of competition that we make tennis predictions on. Everything from the biggest grand slam matches to the smallest tournament on the schedule will be looked at, as our team of tennis experts leaves no stone unturned when looking for value in the betting markets.

Grand Slam Tournaments

The most prominent tournament action that we offer betting tips for would be the four Grand Slam events for each year. The Grand Slam events are the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, and US Open. These events come with the most ranking points and prize money on the tennis calendar, meaning that the players care about them the most. As a result, each Grand Slam tournament features the highest level of play, meaning the eyes of the tennis world are on those matches.

Masters 1000 Events

Our tennis picks also routinely feature action from the nine Masters 1000 events on the tennis schedule. These events are not quite as prestigious as the big four events listed above, but they do come with huge opportunities for players to win significant ranking points and prize money themselves. We regularly offer best bets on these events from around the world.

Other Events

While the bulk of our attention is on the biggest events in the world of tennis, we offer plenty of best bets on smaller events as well. Our tennis picks include betting predictions on lower level tennis action, such as 500 and 250 level play on the ATP Tour. These events are a great place to find value on up and coming talent in the tennis world each week.

Other Types of Tennis Betting Picks

Our tennis picks feature more than just single match predictions throughout the year. We also offer tennis picks and predictions on futures markets throughout the season on the biggest events in the sport. Just click the links below to take advantage of our insights into the futures markets ahead of the sport’s major competitions.

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