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5 Top Astrology Sites: Unveiling the Stars and Beyond

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Fortunately, technology has made things much easier, including completing horoscope readings. Instead of setting physical appointments with local psychics, you can quickly ( and easily) get your readings online. For instance, a top-rated astrology site like Kasamba, which has been around for well over two decades, has hundreds of skilled astrologers ready to give accurate astrological readings. 

But just like any other online service, knowing the right websites is vital in getting the right services. To help you out, we tried and tested several astrology sites to determine the Top features, readings, costs, and overall customer satisfaction. 

Here’s an in-depth review of the top astrology sites around. 

5 Top Astrology Sites For Accurate Readings 

  1. Kasamba: Top Astrology Site Overall 
  2. Psychic Source: Top Customer Service
  3. Oranum: Top Search Filters 
  4. Purple Garden: Top User Interface 
  5. Mystic Sense: Top for Free Minutes and Discounts 

1. Kasamba – Top Astrology Site Overall

The Herald:

Kasamba is one of the most popular astrology sites out there, boasting over two decades of helping clients find life answers. What stands out the most about Kasamba is its impressive roster of skilled psychics. Only skilled experts with proven track records can offer their services on Kasamba, which helps maintain horoscope reading standards on the platform.

The site also offers a wide range of readings, adding to its appeal to curious users. You can also read tons of useful blogs to learn more about astrology and other types of readings. 


  • Useful filters: Kasamba’s filter engine allows you to sort professionals using filters like highest rank, lowest price, highest price, less than $4/min, less than $7/min, and experience on the site. This puts you firmly in control over the expert (s) you choose to work with. You can also do a direct search using the dedicated search button. 
  • Mobile app available: Kasamba has a mobile app that’s available for both Android and iOS devices. The app has similar capabilities as the desktop version and is ideal for use on the go. 
  • Informative blogs: Besides linking you with hundreds of skilled astrologers, Kasamba has a blog section to guide users on astrology and how online readings work. By going through these blogs, you’ll be well-placed to ask the right questions and make the most of the service. 
  • Neat layout: Kasamba’s home page is designed with simplicity in mind. You’ll spot several psychic reading buttons at the home page’s top. Just click on the service you want, and Kasamba will display hundreds of professionals skilled in that particular field. 
  • Satisfaction guarantee: Kasamba offers new clients a 100% satisfaction guarantee, meaning you can request a refund if you don’t get accurate astrology readings. There are also several offers, like three free minutes (chat only) with three new psychics to help you find the ideal professional for your unique needs. 

Types of Readings 

Kasamba has a world-class lineup of professionals that provide the following readings. 

  • Psychic readings
  • Online tarot readings
  • Fortune telling and dream analysis
  • Astrology readings


Kasamba has a 3-minute offer for new members, which new clients can use to try out the first three psychics. Clients are also eligible for a generous 70% discount for the second consultation. 

The total cost largely depends on the expert you choose, their experience, and what they charge per minute. However, you can use a cost filter and choose from psychics within your price range. 

Customer Reviews 

A lot of clients seem content with Kasamba’s simplistic website. The Kasamba app is also a massive selling point of the service, especially as it allows clients to consult on the go. Clients also appreciate the frequently updated blogs on Kasamba that provide additional insight into the services offered. 

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2. Psychic Source – Top Customer Service

The Herald:

Psychic Source is, without a doubt, among the most accurate astrology sites in the mystic community.  It has been around for well over 30 years and has helped thousands, if not millions, of clients find answers, hope, and motivation. 

Signing up on Psychic Source is pretty straightforward, as it strives to keep things simple. It’ll only take you five minutes to have your account up and running. You can then click on the ‘Find Your Psychic’ button to get started. 

It’s also worth noting that Psychic Source has an active customer care team that you can access via call or email at any time of day. This is especially useful if you’re just getting started and want to know more about navigation or in case of payment-related problems. 


  • Intuitive app version: Psychic Source has an intuitive app version that’s perfect for use on the go. While it’s not without its shortcomings, it allows you to keep in touch with your psychic as you do your activities. 
  • 24/7 customer support: Not many astrology sites like Psychic Source invest in customer support. In addition to the detailed FAQ section, you can inquire more about the service through the live chat option. Alternatively, you can dial the company’s hotline to get assistance. 
  • Free horoscopes: Psychic Source clients get free daily horoscopes. You can also access weekly and monthly horoscopes on the platform. 
  • Detailed user guide: If you’re new to astrology, you’ll appreciate Psychic Source’s detailed guide on astrology. From the free astrology articles, you’ll get various tips on how to make the most of your sessions and ways to navigate the site. 

Types of Readings 

Psychic Source gives you 24/7 access to some of the Top psychics specializing in various areas. Some of the popular types of readings you’ll find on the platform include: 

  • Angel readings
  • Astrology 
  • Online tarot readings
  • Rune stone readings 
  • Numerology readings 
  • Past life readings 

The platform lets you interact with clairvoyants, relationship psychics, spiritual psychics, and psychic mediums. 


Psychic Source offers three payment packages for first-time clients, as listed below. 

  • 30-minute package: $19.80
  • 20-minute package: $15 
  • 10-minute package: $10

All the above packages come with three free minutes. Additional readings tend to range between $4-$6 a minute, but you can find psychics that charge lower amounts. 

Customer Reviews 

Most Psychic Source clients love the site’s commitment to customer service. It’s not everywhere that you’ll find a highly responsive customer support team available on a 24-hour basis. Clients also like the satisfaction guarantee and the ease of switching psychics in case of dissatisfaction. 

3. Oranum – Top for Advanced Search Features 

The Herald:

A quick glance at the official Oranum website will show you an abundance of online psychics ready to give you a reading. While the site seems busy, Oranum makes up for it with decent search features. 

Some of the useful filters you can utilize include years of experience, the total price, and session type (audio, video, or group session). You can also favorite a psychic on Oranum for quick access to profiles. 

Another neat feature that makes Oranum stand out is the history button, which makes it easy to track past activities on the site. This allows for easy navigation, as you can easily pick up where you left off. 


  • Useful search filters: Oranum allows users to narrow down experts through useful search filters. You can make searches based on experience, cost, and even region. It’s also nice that a Live Experts button at the top of the home page allows you to view psychics online.
  • Favorite: Unlike most other astrology websites, Oranum allows you to favorite experts for ease of access on your next session. There is also a history button at the top left of the home page designed to make navigation for subsequent sessions much easier. 
  • Rewards club: Oranum’s rewards club is meant to motivate clients to keep using the site. Members start with the signature rank and can rise to levels like bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and diamond. Points are awarded based on the number of credits you use for sessions, meaning the more you spend, the more points you’ll have. You can redeem the points for several perks, including free readings. 
  • Available in several languages: Besides English, Oranum is available in Spanish, Italian, German, French, Portuguese, Dutch, and several other languages. It’s truly an international astrology site that knows no geographical barriers. 

Types of Readings 

Oranum is a versatile astrology site offering numerous types of reading, as listed below. 

  • Astrology
  • Clairvoyance 
  • Mediumship 
  • Numerology 
  • Palm reading 
  • Energy work 
  • Crystal ball 
  • Dream Interpretation
  • Tarot 
  • Runes 

A psychic’s area of specialization is usually indicated on their profiles, which increases your chances of choosing the right professional. 


Oranum requires users to purchase credits to access expert services. The good news, however, is that all new members are eligible for free credits worth $9.99 that can be used to try out psychics on the site. The overall cost of using Oranum’s services largely depends on the rates charged by experts. You can buy credit packages, which usually range from $28-$98. 

Customer Reviews 

While the consensus (based on client reviews) is that Oranum is a top astrology site, most users agree the site’s layout could use a few improvements. Other than that, clients appreciate Oranum’s features, like the rewards club and useful search filters. 

4. Purple Garden – Top User Interface

The Herald:

Purple Garden is a premier astrology site packed with hundreds of skilled astrologers looking to provide accurate and insightful readings. 

You won’t find too many astrology websites with a neat, highly welcoming interface like Purple Garden’s official website. The buttons are neatly arranged on the home page, while the expert profiles are well-categorized based on filters like ‘voted most accurate,’ trending, top-rated, and staff picks. Overall, Purple Garden’s website is among the most impressive out there, as it allows for a hassle-free user experience. 


  • Dedicated search button: Short on time? No problem. Purple Garden has a dedicated search button on the home page to make quick searches. You just key in the type of reading you’re interested in and click the search button. Purple Garden will then suggest experts that specialize in your chosen reading type. 
  • Easy to Use: Perhaps one of Purple Garden’s Top features is its ease of use. Signing up is quite easy and takes no more than 5 five minutes, while the site layout allows for smooth navigation. 
  • App version: Purple Garden has a highly intuitive app version that is available for both Android and iOS users. The Purple Garden app has features similar to the desktop version, making it a great option for use on the go. 
  • Useful Categories: To improve customer experience, Purple Garden categorizes its experts based on factors like accuracy, popularity, and ratings. Staff picks and recommended profiles are also based on a user’s preferences. Finding an astrologer has never been easier. 

Types of Readings 

In addition to astrology and horoscopes, Purple Garden has experts that provide the following readings. 

  • Love readings 
  • Psychic readings 
  • Palm readings 
  • Angel insights 
  • Oracle guidance 
  • Dream analysis 
  • Tarot card readings 


All new users are eligible for a $10 redeemable deal after paying for the first reading. On average, most experts on Purple Garden charge between $0.99 to $13 per minute. A top-rated astrologer on the platform will charge an average 0f $4-$7 a minute, which is relatively inexpensive. 

Customer Reviews

Purple Garden has a positive online rating, with most clients happy about the site’s overall ease of use. It’s easy to choose specialists as they’re placed in relevant categories that simplify the search process. A few users have complained that the app version sometimes tends to lag and could use some improvements. 

5. MysticSense – Top for Free Minutes 

The Herald:

Despite being relatively new in the astrology industry, MysticSense is quickly cementing its status as a reliable platform for accurate readings. 

With hundreds of skilled experts on board, getting an insightful reading has never been easier. Plus, all new members are eligible for five free minutes, which you can redeem after you’ve paid for your first reading. 


  • Friendly refund policy: Mystic Sense has a friendly return policy designed to enhance customer satisfaction on the platform. You can receive a full refund or request for a recredit, depending on the issue at hand. While most refund requests go through, MysticSense reserves the right to decline a refund if no valid reasons are provided. 
  • Blog section: MysticSense also has a blog section where users can learn more about their zodiac signs and their influence. If you’re just getting started with readings, we’d recommend checking the blog section out to get the hang of how readings work. 
  • Responsive support team: Not many astrology websites have a responsive customer care team like MysticSense’s team. The customer care team is available 24/7 and can be reached via call, email, or live chat. 
  • 5 Free Minutes: You’re eligible for five free minutes redeemable after your first consultation with an expert on MysticSense. 

Types of Readings 

MysticSense is mostly comprised of astrologers, with many boasting years of experience. Some of the readings you can get on MysticSense include. 

  • Tarot card readings 
  • Mediumship 
  • Numerology 


As with other astrology websites, the amount you spend largely depends on your preferred expert’s rates. On average, however, most astrologers charge between $2-$10 a minute.  

Customer Reviews 

MysticSense doesn’t have as many reviews as other sites we’ve examined. However, the few users that have reviewed the service appreciate its commitment toward customer satisfaction and the five free minutes new users get. There’s also a healthy balance of experienced and inexperienced psychics, which translates to lower consultation costs if you want to get a reading on a budget. 

What Is Astrology?

Astrology is a science that attempts to study the relationship between earthly events and celestial phenomena. It uses the positions of planets and stars in the solar system to determine future outcomes in terms of relationships, careers, finances, and general wellness. Astrologers often use planetary movement to predict or explain social trends, current events, and even financial markets

How Do Astrology Readings Work? 

Astro readings are usually based on the assumption that the movement of celestial bodies has a direct effect on human affairs and actions. Astrologers refer to a client’s natal chart (birth chart), which is a representation of the sky at the time of birth, to reveal more about the present, past, and future. 

Benefits of Astrology Guidance and Insights 

Self Discovery and Personal Growth

Astrology is often used to improve, inspire and give hope to people. It’s a great way to learn more about yourself and understand your limitations. By pinpointing your talents and abilities, astrology puts you in the driving seat of your destiny, allowing you to make the most of upcoming events and opportunities. 

As you receive your reading, the astrologer will shed more light on ways to improve and how you can overcome adversity. This plays a massive role in your personal growth as you’ll be better aware of your weaknesses as you keep working on your strengths. 

Decision-Making and Life Path Guidance 

Millions of people rely on monthly horoscopes to anticipate future events. An accurate online psychic reading can help you make tough decisions since you’ll have a clue of what to expect based on planetary alignment. 

Having a good understanding of your life path number is vital in preparing for future events. You get to learn more about your characteristics, personality, and strengths, which play a pivotal role in decision-making.

Instead of making random decisions, you’ll be well aware of the limitations and opportunities that come with your life choices. This increases your chances of success as you’ll make decisions when fully aware of the repercussions and the risks involved. This explains why monthly horoscopes and online psychic readings are steadily growing in popularity across the globe.

Navigating Relationships and Compatibility 

Astrology can provide invaluable insights into your love life. While astrology can’t predict the exact partner you’ll end up with, it provides a much-needed guide on what character and personality is Top suited to yours. 

Through your birth chart, astrology will reveal your personality, nature, traits, and unique characteristics. You’ll get to know what type of person is Top suited for you and where your weaknesses lie in terms of relationships. 

As you learn more about yourself, astrology readings also shed more light on the opportunities and challenges ahead. You’ll learn about the ideal partner and whether or not you are compatible based on horoscopes. 

Understanding Personality Traits and Strength

Astrology represents a great way for individuals to better understand the self. These readings can reveal behavioral patterns (both positive and negative) which are vital to your success at a personal level. You can learn more about your latent talents and how Top to develop them such that they add value to your life. 

People going through difficult times also refer to astrology to better understand the situation and how to navigate past the challenges. A good and accurate reading can reveal more about unproductive behavior and what you can do to end the habit before things worsen. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing Astrology Sites

With several online astrology websites out there, finding the right one can be daunting, especially if you’ve never used such sites before. Here are important factors to remember when looking for the Top online astrology sites.

User Interface and Website Design 

A good astrology site should have a neat, simplistic layout. Unfortunately, some sites are cramped with psychic readers’ profiles, making the home page appear too busy. Other online astrology sites have dull interfaces that take away from the overall user experience. 

We’d recommend settling for simplistic horoscope sites with neat layouts. The site should be easy to navigate with just the right number of buttons on the home page.  

Expert profiles should also be detailed. Some of the Top astrology sites provide details like specialization, cost per minute, and professional experience on the psychics’ profiles. This makes it easy for clients to compare psychics before settling for a particular one.   

Accuracy and Credibility of Astrological Predictions

Another crucial factor to consider is the accuracy of astrological predictions. A good astrology website should have highly skilled and experienced astrologers who can make accurate psychic readings.

You’ll find that the Top astrology reading sites have high recruitment standards for astrologers and other types of psychic readers. Not everyone can join the expert team, which is vital in maintaining a site’s overall reputation. 

It is advisable to go for accurate astrology platforms like Kasamba, Psychic Source, and Oranum, which are known to have high standards in terms of recruiting personnel.  

Range of Astrology Services and Features Offered

Some astrology platforms have limited features and few astrologers or psychic readers. A good site should have several experienced professionals who can offer a wide range of psychic reading services.

When analyzing an astrology site, it’s highly advisable to check the astrology services offered to determine whether or not it makes a great fit. Top sites offer a variety of services, including astrology, clairvoyance, mediumship, numerology, palm reading, energy work, and dream interpretation. 

Another great feature that you’ll find in the Top astrology reading sites is a blog section. These blogs are usually packed with free astrology articles with insightful information that can come in handy for beginners. You can learn more about astrology, preparation, benefits, and ways to make the most of your sessions on horoscope sites.

Customer Service 

Customer care is integral to any business, not just astrology websites. The Top astrology sites, however, tend to have dedicated customer care teams that offer 24/7 support. Always check whether an astrology reading site has a responsive customer care team that can be accessed through call or live chat. 

You should steer clear of sites that don’t prioritize customer care, as this means you might struggle to get assistance in case you don’t get accurate astrology readings.

Pricing Options

Budget is a major consideration when signing up for astrology reading sites. Unfortunately, psychic readings on the Top astrology sites can prove costly as they’re charged by the minute. The rates tend to vary from astrologer to astrologer, which makes it hard to determine the overall cost of the service. 

We recommend signing up on accurate astrology reading sites with a wide range of experts offering services at different prices. More experienced astrologers charge more than new psychics looking to make a name for themselves. 

You should also check whether a site is big on discounts. Most top sites offer discounts in free minutes, depending on the subscription package selected. 

Customer Reviews

As a good rule of thumb, you should always check reviews to ensure you sign up on the most accurate astrology sites. The Top sites will have positive ratings with scattered negative reviews. But if a site has more negative than positive reviews, you should view that as a red flag and steer clear of it. 

Check what clients say about the astrology services offered and the level of accuracy. You should also examine client feedback regarding customer care, features on offer,                                                                                                              and affordability of the services. 


The Top astrology sites invest in apps for increased usability. While a desktop version can work well, apps are much better if you’re constantly on the move. This ensures you can access your preferred psychic at any time of day, provided they’re online. 

You’ll find that many astrology apps come with features similar to the desktop version. They’re usually designed with simplicity in mind and can accommodate video calls, audio calls, and chats. 

Preparing for an Astrology Reading: Essential Steps to Follow

Gather Accurate and Complete Birth Information

You’ll need to provide complete birth information for the chart to be precise and accurate. That said, you should have information like date and time of birth on standby before starting an astrology reading. 

Although you might know your sun sign and moon (and rising) signs, the astrologer will use your details to know more about the 12 signs, 12 houses, planets, asteroids, and nodes (north and south) that make up your unique chart. 

Reflect on Your Intentions

We all have reasons for consulting with astrologers and different types of psychics. Understanding your unique reason makes it easier for the astrologer to provide a reading and ensures you make the most of the session. 

Try as much as possible to develop an open-minded perspective towards the reading and whatever the astrologer might reveal. 

Research the Astrologer or Website

With many underqualified astrologers out there, you’ll need to do your due diligence to ensure you consult with a skilled expert. We’d recommend signing up on credible astrology sites as they tend to have high recruitment standards that keep fake psychics at bay. 

If you’re using a website, check out your preferred astrologer’s profile. Be on the lookout for things like services offered, overall rating (on the site), experience, and cost per minute. The higher the expert’s rating, the more likely they are to provide an accurate psychic reading.

Familiarize Yourself With Basic Astrology Concepts

While it’s okay to get a psychic reading done without any knowledge of astrology, understanding some basic concepts can make the session more productive. 

A basic understanding of the big three (sun signs, rising signs, and moon signs) is a good start, as you’ll continue learning more during every session. The more you know about astrology, the better your chances of having a productive psychic reading with your astrologer. 

Prepare Specific Questions

The whole idea of consulting an astrologer is to better understand your past, present, and future. But for a psychic reading session to be as productive as needed, asking the right questions is vital, especially considering you’ll be paying by the minute. 

As such, it’s Top to have a set of questions that will guide the astrologer by showing them the specific areas to focus on. Feel free to ask about anything and everything from love to career prospects, financial management, innate gifts, and life calling. 

Set Realistic Expectations

Most clients that express their dissatisfaction in astrology sessions do so because of setting unrealistic expectations. Remember, astrologers aren’t fortune tellers and only use available information like zodiac signs and birth dates to provide readings. 

These readings aren’t 100% accurate and are subject to changes. This explains why you should get your astrology readings from skilled and highly experienced astrologers who understand their craft. 

You shouldn’t take the astrology readings too seriously but view them as guidelines for a better, fruitful future. Don’t expect your fortunes to turn overnight; you’ll still need to work to make the most of your skills and strengths. 

Create a Comfortable Environment 

For a psychic reading session to have the desired effect, you must be in a comfortable environment where you can listen and respond easily. 

It is advisable to schedule sessions when it’s most suitable for you. You should also be in a private location where you’ll be comfortable enough to express yourself and even ask the most sensitive questions. 

Try as much as possible to set up in a quiet environment with good lighting (for video sessions). You should also schedule a meeting when you’re sure you’ll be 100% committed to the session. This means when you’re free and not in-between work or other commitments. 

Have an Open Mind and Positive Attitude

As you prepare to have your astrology readings done, keep an open mind and approach the session positively. Chances are your astrologer might reveal disturbing or not-so-pleasing things about your character or future events, which is exactly why you need to view things positively. 

Be ready for the good and the bad, and remember that astrologers have varying interpretations. In the event of a disturbing reading, the Top approach is to ask for clarification from the astrologer. Good astrologers don’t just give readings based on an astrological sign but also offer advice on ways to make the situation better or improve your fortunes.

Take Notes During the Reading or Record the Session

Since you’ll be flooded with tons of information during your astrology readings, you should take notes of important information. If taking notes isn’t your cup of tea, you can opt to record the session and view it later once you’ve digested the information provided. 

Either way, taking notes of the important information you receive in astrology readings is crucial. This will ensure you remain firmly on track to achieve your goals or meet your expectations long after the session has ended. 

Reflect and Integrate the Information

The whole idea of having astrology readings in the first place is to know more about sensitive areas of your life. Once you’ve gotten your astrology readings from an astrologer, you should digest the information and reflect on the information provided. 

Personal reflection is key to transforming your fortunes and maximizing your abilities. Using zodiac signs and other tools, most astrologers will share suggestions on how to improve or what to do before a follow-up session. Implementing these suggestions is highly advisable if you want to put the information obtained to good use. 

Understanding Different Types of Astrology

Western Astrology

Western astrology, as the name suggests, is a type of astrology commonly used in Western countries. It is mostly associated with the sun, meaning an astrologer will focus on the sun’s position at your time of birth.

Western astrology is mostly associated with positives as opposed to negatives. Instead of focusing on the negatives, Western astrology shines a light on an individual’s strength and how it can be used to bring good fortune. Most astrologers practicing Western astrology base their personal predictions on planetary transits. 

Vedic Astrology

Vedic astrology is rooted in India’s system of ancient knowledge and is based on the perception that the planets and stars have a massive influence on our day-to-day lives. The Vedas believe that an individual’s karma is related to the position of stars and planets, and Vedic astrology is a technique for better understanding one’s karma. 

Unlike Western astrology, which sticks to the Earth’s old ecliptic plane, Vedic astrology considers Earth’s precession. This means horoscopes are calculated using the earth’s updated ecliptic path, making the predictions more astronomically accurate.

Chinese Astrology

Chinese astrology has 12 signs, like Western astrology. However, the zodiac signs are represented by animals and last the entire year, unlike Western astrology, which has four-week seasons. 

Many Chinese people rely on Chinese astrology when faced with adversity or making important decisions like getting married, starting a business, and career choices. Chinese culture heavily influences Chinese astrology and has been adopted in countries like Korea, Vietnam, and Korea. It’s also quickly gaining traction in the US and Europe. 


Numerology believes all life events are uniquely defined by the mystical relationship existing between life numbers and the individual. Numerologists argue that all events, whether good or bad, are influenced by numerical patterns. The patterns arise from the inherent vibrations of numbers, and all numbers have unique vibrations, which is different from using a zodiac sign to make predictions.

Types of Astrological Readings 

Natal Chart Reading

Also called an astrological birth chart, the natal chart is a type of reading that uses the exact time, location, and date of your birth to recreate the arrangement of the sky at that particular time. Within the circular chart, you’ll find all celestial objects and planets tracked in astrology and the zodiac sign they occupied. 

To get started with a natal chart reading, you’ll first need to provide accurate details (location, time, and date of birth). The astrologer will create a birth chat with 12 unique sections called houses. Your natal chart reading will be provided by analyzing the positioning of the planet, the zodiac sign, and the house. 

Relationship Compatibility Reading 

A relationship compatibility reading determines whether two individuals are compatible enough to get into a romantic relationship. It compares how two birth charts interact to determine whether or not potential partners are compatible in terms of character and personality. 

The compatibility reading usually entails an in-depth analysis of the synergy between the partners’ natal moons. The level of synergy between the two natal moons helps determine whether the two partners can establish an emotional connection. 

An astrologist will also assess the mutual aspects between the partners’ planets. This helps determine whether the two will hinder or help one another in crucial areas like teamwork, communication, spirituality, and achievement. A relationship evolution examination is also done by assessing where the moon’s nodes are placed on the natal chart. This gives perspective on whether or not the relationship can stand the test of time. 

Forecasting or Predictive Reading 

Predictive astrology seeks to provide insight into the future to reveal opportunities and challenges that may pop up along the road. Although predictive astrology is meant to offer a forecast of what to expect in your future, it’s not a direct prediction and is, therefore, not 100% accurate. 

Instead, predictive readings help you take control of your future by working on weaknesses and capitalizing on your strengths. Astrologers will use your birth chart to predict the future using transits, moon cycles, and progressions. 

Solar Return Reading

Your solar return is when the sun returns to the spot it was in at the time of your birth. This usually happens a few hours before or after your birthday and is used by astrologers to predict the year ahead. 

Astrologers pay particular attention to the rising sign when doing solar return readings. A solar return rising sign reveals more about the themes that will prevail in the new year. Astrologers also examine the placement of the moon and sun in the solar return. 

Lunar Return Reading 

A lunar return reading reveals more about an individual’s emotional health and status. It’s a monthly reading where the moon returns to the position it was in at your time of birth. Astrologers make lunar return readings to provide snapshots of events and emotions clients will likely experience within the month. 

The ascendant is usually the first analysis point when making lunar return readings. The ascendant will reveal how you will manifest your personality in relation to your sun sign. When doing lunar return readings, astrologers focus on recurring themes to determine a  common trend for the upcoming month. 

Planetary Return Reading 

A planetary return reading is based on the moment a planet returns (after traveling through the zodiac) to the same position (zodiac and degree) it was at your time of birth. Planetary return readings mostly reveal big changes that signify a new cycle in an individual’s life. An accurate planetary return reading will help you position yourself strategically to take advantage of new opportunities or overcome challenges. 

Planetary returns tend to vary depending on the planet in question, as each planet represents specific traits and opportunities. Some planets, like Venus, have annual returns, while others take longer. 

For instance, a Jupiter return would signify a period of luck, expansion, and miracles. Jupiter returns once in 12 years and is considered a rare astrological event that signifies new opportunities. You will, however, only get lucky or achieve success if you step out of your comfort zone. 

Astrology Sites FAQs

How Does Astrology Work?

Astrology works by analyzing astronomical bodies to determine their influence on people’s life depending on their date of birth. Astrologers rely heavily on planetary movements and positioning to decipher patterns and make future predictions. So once you give an astrologer your birth details, they will create a natal chart and assess the alignment of the planets and stars. 

What Happens During an Online Astrology Reading? 

An online astrology reading involves the interaction of an expert offering psychic reading services and a client. The astrologer will ask for your birth details to create a natal chart that will be the basis of the entire session. Online astrology readings tend to vary from astrologer to astrologer, but they all revolve around analyzing the positioning of heavenly bodies in relation to an individual’s birth date. 

What Is a Birth Chart and How Does it Work?

A birth chart, or natal chart, works to define humans astrologically. It calculates our birth’s sensitive angles and astrological aspects, determining our placements in planets, asteroids, and signs. A birth chart is made using three crucial details, the birth date, the birth location, and the birth time.  Once your astrologer has these details, they will proceed to analyze planetary and star alignment at your time of birth to make predictions. 

What Kind of Questions Can I Ask During an Astrology Reading?

You can ask your astrologer any question that you’re curious about. However, considering you won’t have all the time in the world, it’s Top to think of your questions beforehand to make the session productive. You can inquire about your future finances, relationships, professional life, opportunities, potential challenges, and innate talents, among several other questions. 

How Can Astrology Help In Understanding Relationships?

Astrology can help determine the compatibility of potential partners. By analyzing the natal charts of two people looking to get into a romantic relationship, it is possible to determine their similarities and differences and how their unique characteristics will influence the relationship.  

Are Astrology Predictions and Readings Reliable?

Astrology predictions and readings are reliable if you consult with skilled astrologers from accurate astrology sites. However, there’s no scientific evidence that astrology predictions are 100% true, meaning you should keep an open mind when seeking these predictions. 

You should also try to provide accurate details, especially regarding the time of birth, to ensure the astrologer creates an accurate chart.  


Wrapping Up 

Now that we’ve taken a closer look at some of the Top astrology sites out there, you should be well-placed to choose one that Top satisfies your unique needs. We’d recommend our top pick, Kasamba, due to its high recruitment standards, ease of use, and responsive customer care. You’ll have several skilled astrologers to choose from, and you can easily change experts if you don’t feel that much-needed connection. 

Psychic Source is another great option, especially if you’re looking to receive readings on the go. The app is highly intuitive and comes with all the features found on the desktop version. As you prepare for your reading, remember to prep your questions well in advance. Most online psychics charge by the minute, meaning you won’t have enough time to receive all answers. 

Choose your questions wisely, and ensure you provide accurate details to boost the chances of successful readings. Lastly, remember to register on a site with a responsive support team and friendly policies. Switching between astrologers or requesting refunds shouldn’t prove hard, especially if you’re dissatisfied with the services offered. 

And finally, as you get started on your mystic journey, remember to keep an open mind, come prepared, and enjoy your session! 

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