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13 summer fashion trends the style set are obsessing over this season (and the one that they’re all ditching)

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Buckle up, because it’s time to talk new season fashion trends.

While there may be nothing more unpredictable than British weather, there are some pretty impressive numbers appearing on the weather forecast right now. As a result, we’re tentatively – very tentatively – declaring that summer may, perhaps, have finally arrived. Of course, with the season’s official start date now here, we’d suggest that we’re well-deserving of a little sandal/sunglasses/sundress action.

If you’re anything like us – and have spent the majority of this year looking out of window just wishing for some warm weather – the need to suddenly consider a summer wardrobe might have caught you off-guard.

Luckily for us, the fashion industry is always one step – and six months – ahead, having staged its spring/summer 2023 runways and forecasting our new season wardrobes for us before we’d even given it one thought.

Sure, a quiet Tuesday morning in the office might not see you reach for an anthurium flower to wear across your chest (unless you’re an utterly devoted Loewe stan) or a metre-wide clutch bag (although Louis Vuitton’s are undeniably tempting), but the seasonal runways are nothing if not bursting with inspiration.

These theatrical catwalk accents might not make their way to your wardrobes, but you’d be naïve to assume that the trends on show won’t heavily influence the fashion landscape – wherever you buy your clothes.

So what’s in store for spring/summer 2023 fashion trends?

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Last year’s obsession with all things fuchsia makes way for a softer, pastel take on pink, while black and cobalt blue are set to be the surprise stand-out shades of the season.

Low-rise waists and sheer fabrics will be rife for those looking for something a little sexy – and take over from last summer’s ultra-mini mini skirts which have fallen off the fashion world’s radar – while ‘groundbreaking’ florals for spring get a punchy, three-dimensional upgrade.

For those of you who can’t wait three months to indulge, you’ll be pleased to hear that there were some strong trends to suit a winter wardrobe too… more specifically, your party season wardrobe. From riqsué boudoir-inspired eveningwear to high-octane sequins and some pretty major party bags (of the glitzy kind, not the plastic 90s kind filled with Haribo, blow bubbles and a napkin-wrapped slice of cake) you’d be savvy to invest in those spring trends a few months ahead of time to truly get your money’s worth.

Keen to get ahead? Scroll down for your first look at the 13 fashion trends that will be dominating all of our wardrobes this summer.

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